I am Samurai's sister, and you can call me Enelya ;) I love books (am currently writing my own), and movies decently based off of books (unlike "Eragon", which was a failure, but for example "Lord of the Rings" I think was well done). I love to see what goes on behind the scenes in production videos, especially about costumes.
I'm not an experienced critic, but I will try to provide good feedback :)

Gender: Female
Age: teenager
Critique Style: Not sure yet?
Favorite Movie Genres: Romance dramas, action, animated, family, emotional, period pieces, book-based movies
Rating Style: Probably most of what I post will be of movies I liked, but they will be rated on ingenuity of the storyline, good or bad acting, etc.
Likes: Tear-jerkers :D Inspiring, faith and spirituality
Dislikes: crude humor, suggestive elements, bad plots

-Recently Watched-

The Adventures of Tintin
North and South
Chronicles of Narnia
Wives and Daughters
How to Train Your Dragon
The Way Back
Princess Diaries
Astro Boy
Letters to God
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
The Island on Bird Street
Facing the Giants
Princess Bride

TV Shows: 
Star Wars Clone Wars
Switched at Birth