"About Me"

From a little girl I have always loved movies. I grew up watching the old movies and when I say old movies I mean like "Little Rascals", "Max Brothers" and older musicals films. When I got older I loved watching martial art movies, sci fi and just plain action movies like as well as still like the oldies that I watched as a kid. Now I pretty much like almost every genre; sci-fi, war movies, inspirational movies, martial art movies, romantic comedies, mysteries, romantic dramas, musicals, thrillers, high-action movies and of course funny kids movies. The only ones I'm not a fan of are horror and just plain dramas, because horrors are just stupid (no offense to all the to Jake the Ripper, but you are) and same goes for dramas (it just seems like nothing ever happens in them anybody agree with me?). Anyway that's some things about me and my movie history (haha that rhymed).

Sighed The NuttyNinja

P.S. Oh I almost forgot, I just started getting into Korean Dramas shows (two thumbs if you are a KDrama fan!) :D

Gender: Female
Age: Don't know why Samurai put this in here, everyone knows that it's not polite to ask a ladies age. *shakes head* Men...
Style:  I'm a goofy writer at times and love to joke around about almost everything, except about the things that aren't funny (not sure what those are, but I'm sure they are out there somewhere). Though from what some might not think I'm actually a picky when it comes to movies I like. A good plot is most important. Second, good acting; I have to be drawn in by the characters. Third, has to have emotion in it; I want to at least have cried or laughed once before the movie is over. So I will be rating each movie I write about with these three in mind as well has others.

Mainly watches: Romantic Comedies, High-action, Sci-Fi and of course Korean Drama.

-Recently Watched-

Super 8
Kung Fu Panda 2
Fast Five
The Help
Sarah's Key
Mr Popper's Penguins
Cars 2
War Horse
The Eagle
Three Idoits (a Bollywood film)

TV Shows:
Atashinchi no Danshi (Japanese Comedy)
Secret Garden (Korean Drama)
Boys Over Flowers (Korean Drama)
Lie To Me
The Office
My Boys
Veronica Mars

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