Okay. I am myself and I run the technical parts of this page as well as write most of the entries. XD  In the rest of my spare time I am a Photographer and an FB Star Wars fan-page admin.

I go by KnightlySamurai or OneofakindKnight and I like the Animated genre as one of my favorites along side clean action (no gore, no language, or very small amount) and war action.
Why? Well, when I was younger I loved to watch cartoons like Hey Arnold, Kim Possible, Filmore, and others on saturday mornings as well as watch animated movies like Titan A.E., Sinbad the Sailor, and The Iron Giant. I watched Star Trek with my dad as well sometimes, but not often. That list of some of my most memorable movies from my younger years certainly can say a lot about what I like. All of those shows and films have some action, are clean, and are animated (minus Star Trek).

When I turned 13 I watched my first PG-13 movie, iRobot, and was impressed (oh, sad I am that that is one of the few relatively clean PG-13s out there, and yes, I know it's supposed to be "I, Robot"). The movies I watched after that I tend to forget, but after that point in time we never owned any other movies other than The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition, which was an awesome series but if you don't buy any you pretty much just watch and forget.

Now, before and since getting Netflix and starting this blog I've watched a lot of new movies and there is almost no way I can fully reveiw them all, there are just too many and I don't remember some well. be continued.

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Critique Style: Analytic, though Semi-Optimistic (a good plot makes up for a good amount of not-so-good quality CGI and such. Not fully optimistic as a bad plot can't be saved by good CGI in my opinion. Lol)
Parallel Style: Smiley ;-D
Favorite Movie Genres: Animated Action and Historical Fiction War Movies
Rating Style: Extremely picky (Almost Never gives a 5/5, hopefully the reason will be listed).
You may see 4 1/2 and 4 3/4 out of 5. XD
Likes: Non-gory fight action of all kinds, Clean movies, Well-done CGI
Dislikes: potty/crude humor, suggestive elements, bad plots
Mainly Watches: Family movies and light action movies, hence most have at least a decently good rating.

-Recently Watched-
☺Prince of Persia (again)
☺Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows
☺Happy Feet 2
☺How to Train your Dragon (The Gift of a Night Fury, or whatever the holiday one is called)
☺Puss in Boots - Oct 29th
☺Metajets (Animated TV show)
☺Spider Riders (Animated TV show, not as good as Metajets)

Entries Pending:
Captain America
How to train Your Dragon
Puss in Boots
Astro Boy
The Way Back
Entries on the waiting list:
X-men Live-action movies
X-men cartoons
Star Wars live-action
Star Wars: Clone Wars
and many more....

Wishlist to watch:
Iron Man stand-alone cartoon TV series
Lie To Me (2009 TV show)
War Horse
The Avengers
The Hobbit