Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eon Kid

Eon Kid (USA)
(Wikipedia) Eon Kid is the English title of a South Korean-Spanish CGI animated television series Iron Kid (Korean: 아이언 키드) produced by Daewon Media and Design Storm in South Korea, and BRB Internacional in Spain. While the series is known as Iron Kid in South Korea, Spain and other non-English-speaking countries, it is known as Eon Kid in the English-speaking countries due to the legal concerns.
It premiered in Korea on KBS2 on April 6, 2006, and on TVE in fall 2006. In the United States, it is distributed by Manga Entertainment and premiered on The CW's Saturday morning Kids WB block September 22, 2007.

Iron Kid (South Korea)

In this show the main character (Marty) is unknowingly the last in the line of the House of Eon, or bearers of the Fist of Eon (I'm saying Eon because I like it better than the Korean Iron Fist and I will throughout) which puts him in a tough place when The General's forces are again threatening the world after being defeated 100 years prior by Eon, Marty's ancestor. In the show he not only makes many enemies, but also good friends, some in unlikely places, who help him along the way.

At first I wasn't expecting much from this show as in the first 5 to 10 episodes or so the plot was pretty slow, but it gives some good action afterward to make up for it, so it's still a good watch in my opinion.
I really like the good action scenes and characters, though on some of the characters you're left guessing as to their origin and their story, which is a bummer, but hey, I doubt it was big budget.

That being said the animation quality is awesome! They do a good job with the flame-like aspects of some of the attacks and special abilities, and I really like the concept of the robot characters that are almost so like humans you can barely tell them apart by actions alone - and apparently don't rust very fast, lol.

Gaff is totally my favorite character, though I still don't know why he doesn't show himself till past episode 13, I guess I'll just have to finish the series, lol. ;-D

EDIT: Ok, finished it. Once it picks up it's good to go. I don't like all the mythical stuff though, about the eastern Chi or inner-spirit what-not.

No idea why I didn't also write entries for X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, The Avengers: World's Greatest Heroes, Astro Boy, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Maybe I will get to a few of those eventually.

Samurai Rating: 4/5 (The Eastern mythical "Chi" idea that this show gives and the plot holes, but the rest is good)
NuttyNinja Rating: N/A

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