Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'm big on animated TV shows obviously, so here's what I watched most recently.

Metajets (a Canadian show, produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment premiered in Canada in 2008, South Korea in 2009, and the United States in 2010is pretty awesome in my opinion - yeah, the plot is kinda predictable and there are a few plot holes, especially at the end (maybe there was supposed to be a season 2?), but all in all a good clean good-vs-evil animated TV show, though I have no idea why the world always needs saving and these kids are the only one's available.

One thing I found surprising about it when I first started watching it was the fact that the vehicles and some of the close-up scenery are made in 3D - when the characters themselves are only in 2D. The jets look pretty cool that way but the characters look kinda funny if they give you a cockpit shot, lol.

Another thing is that these semi-military kids seem to be always at the race track, which gives the show more suspense in a different way than the usual shows with just fighting and such.

Johnny (Ace) is my fav character, with Maggie coming up next.

I hear they even have a flight-sim-like game with it too, maybe I should try it, lol.

For family friendliness this show rates pretty high, there's a lot of character development and overcoming one's personal problems
As for a straight out rating I give this at LEAST 4 out of 5 stars, and I'd suggest watching as much if not more than I would Eon Kid.

I posted about this and possibly my new animated TV fix Robotech on my personal page HERE. Click to learn more.


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