Friday, January 6, 2012

War Horse

Hey NuttyNinja here!
I know you are probably wondering who I am (check out my "About Me" page), because I haven't posted anything yet. Well for that I am sorry. I have been working a lot and doing a bunch of Ninjay... stuff. Yes I know that's not a word, but I don't care, hehe. Anyway I want to thank my good friend Samurai for more than taking up the slack for me since I haven't posted anything yet on Decent Movies 'R' Us (still working on the title if any of you have suggestions).  Thank you Samurai for everything!!

Now down to business. Last week I went to the movies with my family and a good friend to see War Horse.  If you don't know, the War Horse is about young thoroughbred stallion, Joey and all the experiences he goes through to get back to the boy that once owned him. This movie is placed during the beginning of World War 1 in England and France. Throughout the movie you will watch Joey go through many difficulties as he is passed from one side of the war to the next. Because of this you get to see both good and bad side to each side of the war and even get to see them sometimes work together. Through all this you get to see the love between a boy and his horse and how it can bring even enemies together.
   When I watched this movie I was definitely impressed by the acting. Even though there really wasn't what you would call big time actors in it, the acting was well done. I would say that the main character Albert Narracott (the boy that owned Joey the horse, who was played by Jeremy Irvine), I was the least impressed with, because he sometime seemed to slip out of character a couple of times, but even with that I think he did a good job. The rest of the crew was great they had several well known actors (well, at least ones I knew) like; David Thewlis, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more actors that did a good job as well.
   This was just an all around good movie. It had  great plot, even if it was predictable. The background music was awesome, which was done by John Williams. The effects were well done, though there was a couple times that it was pretty obvious that the horse was CGI, but the rest was good. I was down right amazed at how well trained the horses were in this movies, for those horse fans out there you should definitely watch this movie. Even if you aren't a horse fan you will still enjoy this movie.
   There were some points that I wanted to cheer on Joey (the horse) out loud, as he is running (got to love it when horses are in full gallop). Anyway, I loved the movie, I laughed and heck almost even cried at some scenes. I would most definitely watch it again.

Parental Guide
   Though this is a great movie and I would definitely say it's a "Must see" I would not suggest that young children from the age of 9 and under watch it. It 's a PG-13 movie and it is about World War 1, so there are some scenes that could be frighting for young children. Such as: Men are are being shot down. There is a lot of war violence, though no really bloody scenes. There is one scene that a horse was running full speed into several barbered wire fences (that one made me even cringe). I don't remember much cursing if there was any, so you are good there. Other than that I would say this is a great movie for you to go see with your older children.  

For the plot I would give it a 3/5
For the acting I would give it a 4/5
For the emotion in it I would give it a 4/5

For all around I would give it 8/10

Signed, NuttyNinja ;-)


  1. It looks like a good movie. Good review. I am going to watch this. What is your favorite Steven Spielberg movie? Mine the original Indiana Jones trilogy.

  2. I know your comment is more directed to NuttyNinja, but for me - though I liked Indiana Jones, I like Saving Private Rynan, Tintin, and Trandformers (and when I watch it, probably Real Steel) better.
    But I haven't seen all of the Indiana Jones movies.

  3. It's a toss up between Jurassic Park 1 and 2 and the first three Indiana Jones movies. Because I am a real dinosaurs fan, but I also was like in love with Indiana Jones when I first saw the movies. Not anymore just so you know, hehe. I guess if I really had to think about it *thinks hard* I would say that I agree with James and Jaccob, got to love the classics.


  4. Great review! I was the friend she took to see it and it was pretty amazing...I absolutely loved it.


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